GNOME Marketing Hackfest – Zaragoza

May 11th, 2010

Last week from Tuesday until Friday(May 4-7, 2010), the city of Zaragoza and the Aragon Regional Government hosted our GNOME 3.0 Marketing Hackfest.

We had a really productive and busy week, working on the marketing plans and actions for launching GNOME 3.0.

The main subjects were:

GNOME 3 Website:

As Andreas already said, the goal is create a website with videos showing the new great and amazing things on GNOME 3, the new website will be more integrated with social networks, in this way we will have a dynamical content from user in social networks.

Website Mockup by Andreas

Website Mockup by Andreas

GNOME 3 Talking Points:

Yes, we compile everything cool (or the most)  you should know about GNOME 3. I should confess I was a resistant old GNOME look and feel user(I love my GNOME panel), and working on the plans for launching the GNOME 3 was really convinced about all the changes. The new GNOME is amazing and it is more, much more than we can see.

The new Ambassadors project:

A new way to get more contributors at the project and spread the GNOME at the world. Our goal is provide all the infra for the new ambassadors, everyone will feel comfortable to talk about GNOME in conferences, universities and regional groups. Take look at our almost done draft


Video Story boards:

The story boards for new videos on the new GNOME 3 website were created. Now we just need to film then ;)

Sumana has summarized all the work we have done during the week at the hackfest in her blog.

We talked to members of the local community that are doing a great work developing free software in their companies as Ignacio Correas in EBOX and Felix Ontanon and Juan Ojeda in  Emergya.

You can see more pics here.

Thanks all the attendees Stormy, Jason, Vincent, Andreas, Sumana, Paul, Bharat, Ryan and Dani, it was a pleasure work with you.

Thanks Agustín, Albert and Ignacio for the hospitality.

And of course, many thanks for our sponsors: Zaragoza Municipality, Aragon Regional Government, Technological Institute of Aragon (ITA), ASOLIF, CESLA and the GNOME Foundation .

Licio Useless labs presents Random Follow Friday

March 5th, 2010

Is it friday and you never know who indicates for #FF? Are you feeling uncool? I got the solution!

Every friday is the same, our twitter’s  timelines are flooded by lots of #FF, sometimes or everytime we are never indicated.

Don’t feel lonely, as a public service, we launched this amazing(NOT) service: Random Follow Friday! You just need to type your twitter username and wait our awesome algorithm works, it will return a list of five people and a link to post it in your twitter.

Enjoy it ;) . It’s only another funny, but useless, app!

Valentine’s day

February 12th, 2010

I love Free Software!

Ubuntu Argentina

January 29th, 2010
Felipe Lerena, Licio Fonseca and Guillermo Lisi

Felipe Lerena, Licio Fonseca and Guillermo Lisi

As you shouldn’t know, I’ve been at Buenos Aires in the begin of january. I’ve had the great opportunity to meet some ubuntu-ar guys. My friend Felipe Lerena, that I’ve meet at FISL last year, has invited us for some beer.

I’ve met there, Guillermo Lisi and his good portuguese pronunciation(what helped me a lot), Mariano Paz and his magic backpack(there is everything you need and somethings you don’t need) and of course Felipe.

It was amazing, we talked about everything, mainly about the community stuff. It was very funny to heard around the same table 3 languages(thanks guys for helping me improve my spanish). Another important thing was see  that the local teams have the same problems no matter in which country and what really moves a community is the need for share, it’s more important than any position or any label!

I hope meet everybody again at FISL, we might got a Ubuntu South America meeting ;)

Latinoware 2009 and Gnome Forum

October 28th, 2009

Alexandro Silva, Licio and Rodrigo Padula

Against the Murphy’s law, I could arrive safety at Foz do Iguassu and be able to talk at Latinoware Conference. It is other story, If I tell you that you will sit at the corner and cry!

Let’s talk about the Gnome Forum! We got a room where we spent all the day talking about GNOME, I started our forum talking about GNOME Love and how to join gnome, it was amazing!

The second one was Rodrigo Flores, Portuguese translation coordinator,  talking about our translation project. It was very clarify about a lot of aspects. Unfortunately in room beside us was having a presentation about blender and it was really noisy!

Rodrigo Flores talking about translations

Rodrigo Flores talking about translations

The next one was Alessandro Binhara talking about Mono and the Mono Brasil Project. His speech was very funny using some star wars characters…he was followed by Izabel Valverde and Luciana Freitas, their presentation was about the GNOME Women Project, unfortunately I was at our stand talking to some users.

Vinicius Depizzol gave a talk about reorganizing the gnome users experience and ends the forum we got Tiago showing some gnome personalizations, I heard at the alleys that people was excited about the gnome-shell showed by Tiago!

Outside the Gnome Forum, Alexandro Silva, gnome sysadmin team, talked about linux hardening and the room was completely full of people!

It was easy find Vinicius and Everaldo making some private hack parties wherever was possible, I heard through the grapevine that they made some changes at the nautilus..

Vinicius Depizzol and Everaldo Canutos hacking..

Vinicius Depizzol and Everaldo Canutos hacking..

Our stand received hundreds of visitors(users and developers), for each question two was about GNOME 3 ;)

Among our visitor was a kde developer, that always had a puzzle for us!

Alexandro Silva, Tomaz Canabrava(kde) e Licio

Alexandro Silva, Tomaz Canabrava(kde) e Licio

could you be in a puzzle chalenger with this guy?

could you be in a puzzle chalenger with this guy?

The Forum was really awesome, meet the friends always is good and healthy, met new friends is also good! Thanks all GNOME-BR guys: Vinicius, Alexandro, Everaldo, Rodrigo Flores and mainly Izabel that made it happens. It was nice met the ubuntu-br guys: Duda and Pretto, the fedora guys( Rodrigo Padula, Jayme and Duli) the kde people: Tomaz Canabrava and Anne-Marie , Arnaldo(acme) and everybody else ;)

Everaldo Canuto, Licio and Vinicius

Ubuntu-BR and FISL, paid off!

June 30th, 2009

Warning: It’s just a brief report!

ubuntu-br staff
Last week all brazilians nerds, geeks and hackers migrated for Porto Alegre-RS-Brazil during 4 days!

It was the biggest FLOSS conference at Brazil and Latin America, FISL!

Of course Ubuntu Brazil was there! In the first time on the history, we get so many brazilian ubuntu members together, it was awesome! Inside the fisl agenda we get our 4th Brazilian ubuntu users conference, where I, Ursula and Fábio talked Ubuntu-BR community, launchpad and translations. Our stand was crowded all the time by users asking for help and sometimes for CDs and another gifts ;)

Does anyone know who is the man in the picture bellow?


He is Lula the President of Brazil! Yes buddies, now the president knows about Ubuntu, Ubuntu-BR and he has a ubuntu-br t-shirt! Click in the picture to watch the video.
One think that made me really suprised was some people ask about what is ubuntu, I had no idea that still people who doesn’t know ubuntu(of course I’m talking about people who studies tecnologies). It made me think a lot about how much work we have to do!

So I’d like to say thanks for all Brazilian Ubuntu guys: André Gondim, Duda Nogueira, Fábio Nogueira, Ricardo Cropalato, Laudeci, Jonh Wendell…

and the canonical staff: Adilson, Fábio Filho and Ursula Junque.

Now is work for Latinoware!


More Pictures:

UPDATE: Link for the President’s speech in english

LatinoWare 2008

October 24th, 2008

It’s time to packing again!
LatinoWare is coming up around the corner, and finally Ubuntu-BR crew has confirmed their participation. Latinoware is a important conference to Latin America free software community,  this year we’ll have some Ubuntu members: Nicolas Valcarcel (Peru), Jonh Wendell, Duda Nogueira, Fabio Nogueira, and others…

LatinoWare will be host for another two big meetings: the 5º Gnome Forum and the  Fedora Latin America Conference for Ambassadors and Users.

I’ve promessed last Fisl to post about it every day, unfortunately it was a quite complicated. I hope be able to post my point of view about LatinoWare at least every day in English and Portuguese. I might create a new account for English twitts. Of course, if I survive the long journey by bus from where I live to Foz do Iguaçu, I believe it can take a day!

I really have to say thanks to LatinoWare staff, Fedora Brasil Crew, and Jono for the help.

Who am I?

September 21st, 2008

am I a PC? am I a Mac?

Pc or Mac


I’m a human being and I like to have the control over my system!


Who are you?

Do you have problems with migration-assistant?

April 27th, 2008

I tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 in my brother’s computer, but the installer crashes everytime. So when I looked carefully the logs I realized the problem was the migration-assitant. Since the last version(I think!), to reduce the instalation steps, ubiquity doesn’t have anymore a gui option to disable the migration-assistant.

If you have problems with migration-assistant like me and you don’t wish download the alternate version, just run the follow command on a Live CD terminal:

sudo ubiquity –no-migration-assistant

Don’t forget send the bug report about it.

shell history meme

April 10th, 2008

My workstation:

[licio@licio ~]$ history | awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head
322 ssh
96 cd
86 ls
75 telnet
55 exit
41 scp
35 dig
28 wget
25 ping
24 vim

Yes, how can you see, I’m still  using telnet, I’ve got some old servers running aix and sun os.